Tadbirgaran Farda, as a leading full-service financial group in Iran with more than 80 employees in 8 branches throughout Iran offers a wide range of financial services to diversified clients. Since its founding in 2005, the company has provided powerful advisory and professional trader teams servicing institutional and retail investors.

Tadbirgaran Farda:

  • Is in the topmost level of Brokerage Rating system of SEO
  • Has 10 years of successful experience
  • Has the highest capital among brokerage companies in Iran (15$ million)
  • Owned by Tadbir investment group
  • Holds “ISO 10002:2004” Quality management -- Customer satisfaction -- Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations
  • Holds “ISO 10004:2012” Quality management -- Customer satisfaction -- Guidelines for monitoring and measuring
  • Holds “5S” Workplace Organization Methodology


  • Investment Choices
    Choose from stocks, options, mutual funds, ETFs, futures, commodities, energy products, Islamic debt security (sukuk), and more to build the right portfolio for your short and long term goals.
  • Professional Guidance
    As a Tadbirgaran Farda's customer, you are investing for yourself not buy yourself. So there is always help when you need it. just the way you want it.
  • Platform and Tools
    Opportunity knows no boundaries, so why limit yourself to just one way to invest and trade. At tadbirgaran Farda, we offer a choice of four high-powered trading platforms all seamlessly integrated and fully in sync, so you can tackle the market the way you like best
  • Anywhere in Iran
    Our branches are staffed by tadbirgaran Farda Financial Consultants who can provide you with personalized guidance & advice. Stop in for a visit or give them a call.
  • CRM Tasks
    We provide our special customers a top and great service, in which all the paper works needed for investing will be done in the customers place not in our branch! Amazing not?
  • Credit to Invest
    Invest more than your own capital with Tadbirgaran Farda brokerage services. We provide you loan with low interest ratew to mazimize your satisfaction your return of course.


Our branches are staffed by Tadbirgaran Farda Financial Consultants who

can provide you with wide range of services. List of our branches are as below