Having access to a wide variety of online trading and investment choices, powerful trading platforms and research and education can help you build a portfolio suited to your needs. At Tadbirgaran Farda brokerage, we don’t charge platform or data fees. Accessing a trading specialist is always free for our customers.



Tadbirgaran Farda ensures you have everything you need to build a strong portfolio, just consider the following advantages of trading at Tadbirgaran Farda Brokers:

  • Use a variety of specialized stock trading tools including; touch-tone phone trades, broker-assisted trades and Advanced online and offline and mobile trading platform optimized for executing trades in TSE (Tehran Stock exchange) and (Farabourse).

**the method used to do the trade doesn’t affect the commission fee



As a Tadbirgaran Farda’s customer, you're investing for yourself not by yourself. So there's always help when you need it. Just the way you want it.

Our advisors have enough knowledge and experience about financial solutions for our clients. Our advisory products include

  • Stock analyst researches
  • Portfolio analysis
  • In-depth reports
  • Daily analysis based on companies reports
  • Professional online consulting club;

Mutual funds


Tadbirgaran Farda Mutual Fund with a net asset of 3$ million had 30% annualized return during last 5 years.



Amin Tadbirgaran Farda ETF with a net asset of 1.6$ million had 5% annualized return during its one year of existence.

Portfolio management


We also manage our client’s portfolios via “portfolio management contracts”. Tadbirgaran Farda’s investment management process is dedicated to forging a long-term alliance between clients and capital markets as the way to most effectively reach their financial goals.

Fixed income fund


“Sepehr” Tadbirgaran Mutual Fund is a fixed income fund with a minimum guaranteed 20% return annually and a net asset of 19.5$ million.

Charity fund


“Barekat” Charity Mutual Fund with a net assets of 1.5$ million had 11% annualized return during its one year of existence.

Corporate finance


Listing & IPO Expertise: We are expert in listing stocks in Tehran Stock Exchange and listed different companies including Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran, K.B.C. Co.