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Smart Investing Starts Here...



Strong portfolios are built from smart decisions. Our wide selection of investment products provides you with the right choices to build a diversified portfolio and reach your goals. Plus you’ll get clear, reliable help to guide your investing decisions. Those decisions are easier when they’re supported by information and resources you can trust.
Tadbirgaran Farda ensures you have everything you need to build a strong stock portfolio, just consider the following advantages of trading stocks at Tadbirgaran Farda Brokers:
  • Use a variety of specialized stock trading tools including; touch-tone phone trades, broker-assisted trades and Advanced online and offline and mobile trading platform optimized for executing trades in TSE (Tehran Stock exchange) and (Farabourse).
  • ** the method used to do the trade doesn’t affect the commission fee
  • Trade large or complex orders with the help of an experienced broker at our Stocks and Options Trade Desk. Each broker on our trade desk has over 15 years trading experience, and will strive to get the best possible execution for your trades.
  • Invest more than your own capital with Tadbirgaran Farda brokerage services. We provide you loan with low interest rate to maximize your satisfaction and your return Of course Futures
  • Talk to our Professional consulting team before a trade. We will help you to make the best decision.
It’s easy to see why mutual funds are a cornerstone of many portfolios. Comprised of individual securities such as stocks and fixed income securities, they offer a simple and efficient way to begin building a diversified portfolio with Liquidity Guarantee which is very important in different stock market situations.
We provide trading services in various products and commodities that are listed and traded in IME (Iran mercantile exchange) which are categorized in these classifications: Industrial Products and Commodities, Gold, Oil Products and Petrochemicals, Multi-Commodity

See futures with more clarity

Tadbirgaran Farda makes it easy to trade Gold Coin Futures which is traded as one of the most active and successful underlying assets in the futures contracts in IME (Iran mercantile exchange) and we are experienced in trading gold coins.

Futures are a smart move for:

Hedging Price Changes: Lock in a price now on a future purchase Employing Leverage: Pay only a small portion of the contract value. Use basic to aggressive approaches to capitalize on market moves Speculating on the Market: Take a position on either side of an anticipated market shift Hedging Your Risk: Protect the value of your gold coins you already own Very low transaction cost and Commission fee.
Iran is known as one of the biggest oil and gas producer countries and Energy Exchange is the fourth Exchange market in Iran, We are honored that Tadbirgaran Farda brokerage co. has certificates to trade in both Oil and Electricity market of this exchange.
Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a simple, cost-effective way to diversify your portfolio4 by combining characteristics of mutual funds and individual stocks. Like mutual funds, ETFs are made up of a basket of securities. Like stocks, ETFs are traded on exchanges, with fluctuating value throughout the day.
A source of stability, diversification & income

Bonds are fixed income investments offer a wide range of benefits for investors of all types. They can be used to generate steady income to meet living expenses. They can help reduce risk by spreading your money among different asset types.
Unlock opportunities & hedge against risk Options can play a role in virtually every investor’s portfolio. They can be used to hedge against risk, generate income, and even speculate on market moves. Actually in Iran we have one kind of put options now, called “stock insurance” or “TabaE put options” which is almost similar to European options with a few differences.